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Detailing which Occasional Chair works with which Office Environment:

Occasional chairs are the perfect professional addition to any room or space. A highly versatile piece of furniture, acting as seating or the perfect design element, a well-placed occasional can tie a decor style together perfectly – a functional part of your overall design aesthetic. With a range of options available, there are various ways to perfectly couple these chairs with decor touches to define the finer details of the room.

What is the occasion? As a decor element that has the ability to add an accent to the room or surrounding style, an occasional can be appreciated in almost every setting. However, certain elements must be contained to ensure the corporate image. In the office setting, vibrant colours and patterns are usually avoided, unless on par with your brand’s identity – in which case, go wild… Most corporate styles follow dark, solid colours like tonals and naturals. While patterns can still be found to suit the professional appeal, simple designs are usually preferred, such as pinstripes, geometrics or silhouettes. It’s important to think about how you would like to use the chair in your chosen area, determining its function first and foremost.

A welcoming or waiting area could also boast a fairly different design when compared to a management boardroom or office. These environments all allow for variations of decor and must be paired accordingly. A foyer area of a business, with carefully placed seats will encompass a more comfortable, yet elegant chair selection that fits in with the corporate image. Whereas a closed office may have larger, more easy-going occasional options, perhaps evrn with a foot rest.

Another element to consider when choosing the perfect professional chair, is placement. Randomly placing an occasional chair in a room without putting thought into it can make a space feel cluttered, or conversely, sparse. Be sure to carefully consider the best position for your chair so that it adds to, rather than detracts from, the overall vibe of the room. As before, where and how you place the chairs will not only impact how they are used, but also what it says about your business.

As it is a chair after all, make sure it’s as comfortable as it is good looking. You don’t want to spend money and take up valuable space on a piece that you never want to sit in. While it may be a more elegant look, it shouldn’t purely be art, but something to be enjoyed on a day-to-day basis. Consider the style of your business and the decor theme throughout your brand, taking cue from existing brand shapes and colours. This way you will choose an occasional chair that compliments the overall look of your office, making it an accompaniment of the business, rather than just a chair in the corner.

A well placed occasional chair is a fantastic, yet practical way to tie your look together. Whether it is required for a corporate setting, a professional accent or to add some comfort and style to your home, consider the classy collection offered by Basis Furniture.