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Purchasing office furniture can be both fun and exasperating at the same time. Here are a few dos and don’ts to maintain the balance between a fun environment whilst still maintaining respect for the corporate space. 

DO – consider the space available 
Be sure to measure your office space and therefore know the size of furniture pieces to fit into it.

DO – consider the needs of the spectrum of employees that will use it
Office furniture should not only reflect senior management’s needs but also the rest of the employees who will use it. It must be a open environment for all to be comfortable yet functional.

DO – consider your clients
Whilst an ad agency may project a fun environment, a law firm may want to reduce the vibrancy and reflect the tone of the work to be done.

DO – choose quality over quantity
Never skimp on quality in favour of quantity. Office furniture is going to see hard use so must be durable and easy to use.

DO – research 
Research helps one make informed and calculated decisions that will benefit the organisation as a whole. 

DON’T – be afraid to portray your corporate culture 
The office should still reflect the culture of the people who work in it. Make it unique.

DON’T – clutter 
Adding to the quality over quantity adage, furniture must be strategically placed and not block entrances or cause a disruption in office movement.

DON’T – jump on trends
Resist the urge to simply add an aesthetic that is current. Your look should be able to last at least 5 years.

DON’T – Choose price over quality

There is a lot of furniture out there that is available at discount prices. However the material used & the workmanship may not be durable. Be wary of such furniture, as it may set you back financially, never mind the inconvenience.