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How to add a vintage touch to your living areas (without losing your contemporary edge)

It’s all about balance.

To successfully execute (just about) everything we do in life, we need to strike a balance between yin and yang, darkness and light, texture and colour, intricacy and simplicity.

When looking to incorporate touches of vintage design and furniture into your contemporary home, it can be quite tricky to find that perfect level of harmonious existence.

Get it wrong and your humble abode can quickly start looking cluttered, dated or simply try-hard.

Get it right, however, and you will have the perfect equilibrium between comfort, style, trend and functionality.

If you’re looking to implement a vintage piece or an antique into your home, you need to make sure that the item you’re considering is up to the job, most importantly
by ensuring the build quality.

“When evaluating condition, there are a few signs that let you know a piece was built to stand the test of time”, Says Tara Mastroeni of freshome.com. When finding that special piece, keep an eye out for the following:

Weight: Heaviness is often a sign the piece was made from real, natural materials rather than a more modern, mass-produced variation.

Sturdy joints: Pay special attention to whether the joints feel secure. If they feel shaky, look into the cause. A loose nail can be replaced, but wood rot is not as easy to fix.

Rust or other discoloration: This often needs to be determined on a case-by-case basis, but while a little rust or fading due to light exposure can be dealt with, too much may not be worth the restoration.

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Whilst specialists can help guide your process, ultimately, it’s what makes you happy, and comfortable, that matters most.

Over and above “image” there’s your balance with your environment. The team at Basis Furniture are ready to help where they can to make that a reality.