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Outdoor furniture and accompanying accessories are fantastic enhancements to your outside area to create a comfortable, relaxing environment to enjoy all year round. Whether enjoying a chilly winter’s eve or a glowing summer’s day, having the right outdoor seating arrangements can make or break the dynamic of your space. Be it for a braai, dinner or generally entertaining friends, having a comfortable, embracing space outdoors lets you enjoy every moment in your home.

When planning your outdoor space, unless you have an enclosed or covered outside section, it is essential to choose furniture options that are well protected against the elements. To combat the increased exposure, chairs and tables must ideally incorporate treated metals or wood that can withstand rain and shine. Durability, however, is not the only thing to consider. The look and feel of your space must also be echoed in the furniture and accessories, whether colour, texture, lines or general style, matching your chairs and tables to your decor style is the best way to craft your own happy space under African skies.


When creating a comfortable dining space outside, there are a number of factors to consider. First and foremost, is your space covered or protected? If it is then this opens a lot of doors for your décor selection. With a covered area you can incorporate couches and large, cushioned chairs if you so desire. While this is a more comfortable setting, it does mean more chances of damage to these more absorbent types of furniture.

For an uncovered area, or when you want to minimise the chances of damaging fabric chairs, a simple, steel-framed chair is a stylish way to create a clean-cut, relaxing outdoor setting. These durable options can easily be treated, cleaned and maintained – perfect for the outdoor setting. Furthermore, with a colourful cushion and clever placement, these hardy seats can be softened aesthetically and can make for an ideal dining setting round a large table. Simple, yet elegant.


When designing a space for pure enjoyment and comfort, a low to mid-back, rounded sofa is always a good bet. With an easy, reclined style, it allows guests to comfortably relax, providing a sturdy sit, whilst looking great and not too bulky. A metal frame chair can also be a dynamic option, fitting into a number of décor styles. These simple, sleek shapes often incorporate thin, metal framework on the legs and open back support which can open up some visual space around the chairs to create an illusion of less clutter. Paired with the right pillows to soften the look, and a matching metal table option, these contemporary combinations can play a clever role in an outdoor area.

Outdoor furniture and accessories can be hard to get right, to compliment your style and provide functional respite. For help in developing your outdoor area to strike the right balance for you and your family, feel free to get Basis involved to help source or style this vitally important hub of our home.