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Bedroom design is up to your individual taste, for the most part. Designing these comfort rooms in your home does, however, depend on a couple of elements. How large is the room? Which way is it facing? What part of the house is it in? By using some basic guidelines you can almost always ensure that your bedroom is as cosy, relaxing and stylish as possible. It’s all about creating your ideal space, after all.

How much space are you working with?

When designing your space and what you will do with it, you need to decide what the space will be primarily used for. Is it just a sleeping space? Will you be entertaining guests in the room? Will you be working in the room? Whether housing a desk, moving in couches or just re-shuffling the room around, knowing what you will be doing lets you plan where things need to be. If the room is large and left too bare, it can feel empty, and maybe that’s what you want – an uncluttered, free space – but likewise, if it’s small, it may become cluttered and stress-inducing when fully packed. Planning for size, really is key to the overall feel.

Give yourself a morning view

Having a window near you or in your line of sight helps to create the feelings of ease, comfort and relaxation, giving the room some depth. Unless you have a skylight, the fastest way to create this kind of space, and a feeling of feng shui, is to position the bed so that it’s either underneath or facing the window. The positioning of your bed will also depend on what else is needed in the room, and how best to incorporate it all to create an easy flow within the room.

Create space in your space

To create the illusion of a bigger bedroom or simply to make the best use of the space available, it is recommend installing the curtains from as high as possible to as low as possible, as this will extend the height of the room visually. Also make sure to install interior items with low heights, so that the overall appearance is not too cluttered; then consider the use of mirrors to increase the feeling of depth.

It’s all about lighting

Lights are important for a number of reasons, mood & practically related. For example, helping your eyes to give the room a bit more depth. With the right lights and switch panels near the bed you can enjoy reading in bed at any time, or with a standalone light next to your bed, you can forgo the annoyance of needing to get up to turn the light off when you’re ready to knock off. If you are looking for mood lighting to achieve different settings in the bedroom, it’s also a good idea to install a dimming option for the master lights. Bringing some ambiance to the room can help balance the feel of the room, and differentiate it from other spaces in the home.

Clothes deserve a good home too

This is yet again a question of balancing style and necessity. Some people love the look of an exposed clothing rack, others want everything neatly packed away – out of sight, out of mind. If you’ve got a huge space to work with, having a larger area for your clothes can be comforting. However, when using the room for things other than sleeping, there are more compact options readily available. The most common option is a one-wall side wardrobe with several doors and drawers for a variety of storage options. If the room you’ve got doesn’t have a built-in cupboard you will need to bring in your own wardrobe. Keep in mind just how much storage you might need before you go for your favourite solution, and consider clever options such as vertical shoe racks, dumb valets and space-savers on the back of the door.

An eye for colour

As with the entire house, the style and colour theme you choose comes down to your personal taste and the mood that you wish to set. Each style brings a different aesthetic and feel, but each can also be manipulated and altered from its set-look to perfectly fit what you’re looking for. Lighter, warm colours tend to make a room more comfortable and inviting, while darker shades tend to make a room look smaller. Both are clever plays on visual elements that let you control your room. Choose a shade and colour that suits your needs and the room’s mood. Ideas for stylish bedroom designs are endless and severely personal. With the right selection of elements, from chairs to tables, beds and colour, you can create your perfect bedroom environment to suit your needs and taste.