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How to create more living space in smaller homes

Our houses are getting smaller, and money is not the only reason for it. According to BusinessTech, our busy and fast-changing lifestyles are contributing to the “lock up and go” trend.

South Africans today are investing in properties that offer green features, smart technologies and value-added lifestyle benefits such as gyms, restaurants and other shared-spaces that fulfil our need to socialise without the upkeep hassle.

This trend to smaller living areas does create a “space” issue, of course, especially if the available m² is not fully utilised.

The reality is that small homes can be really great and feel that much bigger with the right choice or furniture and décor.

Trim down the furniture fat

Choosing the right furniture can sometimes be a little tricky and, often, our perception of comfort versus design is a little misplaced.

The framework of a couch, for example, may be significantly larger than what is really needed, unnecessarily filling up space while not really offering more comfort and seating room than something that has been designed with minimal wastage in mind.

That same philosophy should be followed with all the furniture choices you make.

Consider the actual or usable space of a table, chair, bed and so on and then compare different designs until you find the right balance between what is usable space and the structure that supports it.

By just doing this right you will most certainly create a neat and more spacious environment without impacting your desired levels of comfort.

Curtains, mirrors and more

The right furniture is just one aspect, of course. You can really open up your space by increasing the height and length of your curtains. By mounting rods and rails higher than your windows you create the illusion of a higher ceiling and a bigger room.

As far as what’s practical we also recommend you keep those curtains open as plenty of natural light helps to create a sense of “space”.

You can further add to the airy feeling of your home by using mirrors and mirrored furniture to help light spread throughout a room.

Small but sublime

South Africans may be opting for smaller homes but there are many tricks, techniques and design trends that can help maximize our living experience.

At Basis Furniture we strive to supply modern-thinking citizens with furniture that delivers all the necessary comfort while providing the right blend of style, design and build quality.

Browse our website or get in touch with our teams if you have a specific need in mind. Either way we look forward to helping you make more of your space (without breaking the bank!)