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A comfortable office space is something that is often over looked but being at ease means being productive. For too long we have gone the way of the stiff office setting, going by the idea that discomfort or unease is the best way to stay alert. We have found that having a work space where you can move around, sit in different positions and find comfort in all corners allows you to do your best work.

Whether working in a private office or within a larger team space, here are a few ways you can create a formal, yet comfortable office setting.

Take on aesthetics

An office with order is always more efficient, and that goes for all facets of the company. Creating harmony within the work space can encourage focus and dedication. From choosing the right colours, to the right décor options, and designing a flow between work spaces. Add personal touches that make the office feel homey rather than institutional. This makes staff feel comfortable at work and more likely to put in dedicated time.

A tactical armchair

Creating your own private lounge space within an office lets you work around the room, not just behind a desk. A fantastic way to keep yourself upright is to have an armchair, both rigid in form and comfortable in design.

With an armchair in a neutral tone you can maintain the professional air while enjoying a chair that you can sit on without discomfort. A change up from the stiff upper back office chairs we are used to, changing your body positioning over the course of the day is important and helps to maintain focus.

Add some personality

Personal touches such as photographs, souvenirs, and decorative items are what make your home your own, and the same goes for an office. Whether a larger, multi-person work space or a private office, giving it a personal touch is a great way to make it feel less formal or rigid. Many enjoy having a range of items that insight laughing or thought, creating a stimulating environment for their staff. Consider placing items or messages that inspire you within sight. Create an inspiration board containing pictures or images that represent whatever you want to be, do, or achieve in your life.

The formal sofa

Much like an armchair or a well-placed occasional chair, a formal sofa is a fantastic addition to an informal meeting space. Within an open office space, a sofa can create a relaxed environment that can facilitate effective, creative work. Matching sofas to your colour and image also creates a balance between formal and casual, professional enough to seat clients and comfortable enough for you or your staff to enjoy daily.

Bring nature to the space

Living plants, fresh flowers, a unique stone or even an aquarium filled with colourful fish – these are all ways to bring some of the natural world into the office. A touch of nature brings the freshness of the outdoors inside and gives the office a bit of contrast and movement. Many think that having plants in an office also helps staff feel at ease and encouraged to work.

Brighten your space

Having the right office lighting is more important than most consider. It can make a dramatic difference in your mood, behaviour, productivity and hormonal balance. Not to mention the wrong light can cause harsh eye strain over time, increasing headaches and exhaustion at work. Use natural light to your advantage whenever possible, or showcase your personality and enhance your aesthetics with interesting and functional light fixtures. Always go for a less harsh, warmer light option.

Creating a comfortable office space is key to running a productive business, having a place where you and your employees can focus and dedicate their time effectively.