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No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow… Celebrate by making your home its mirror image.

Sun’s out, fun’s out and it’s time to spit and polish that humble abode into a shining beacon of renewal, yes?

Let’s be frank with each other – very few of us are fans of winter. Yes, there are times when we like snuggling up to a fire with a glass of red in hand and, yes, some days an especially chilly day gives us the opportunity to whip out those fashionable jackets and boots we bought in London, or Paris, or just down the road in some vintage store.

Winter has its “perks” but, overall, we are a sunny bunch of people and the great outdoors beckon with unbridled enthusiasm this time of the year.

As does your humble abode.

Spring makeovers for Africa, what makes us swipe right?

Yes, these days it’s easier to find a date than selecting the right colour for a feature wall but luckily we’ve tapped into the minds of the smart people at Private Property and some of our own Basis Furniture experts to give you the 411 on this spring’s best and brightest colours . . . apparently there are three big ones to take notice of.

Indigo girl: “Powerful and striking,” says Cath Jenkin in an article published on All2Women – a bit like Eben Etzebeth then? Okay probably too soon for jibes like that but, say our learned friends, “indigo can help to set a spring scene in your living areas – especially if you’re looking to create cute contrasts through your décor dreams.”

Colonel Mustard with the candle stick: Winter fashion seems to have handed this baton over to spring and mustard is the perfect colour to pop some life into your décor mix.

Creative Coral: “Proclaimed as Pantone’s Colour Of The Year, Living Coral is regarded as a nourishing, bold, and energising colour, that inserts a sense of playfulness into your spring home décor,” says Jenkin. “Living Coral looks great on a feature wall, and we predict it’ll hang around on trend for a little longer than just a year.”

“No winter lasts forever. No spring skips its turn.”

Painting a feature wall in any of the above (or whichever colour you prefer) is just one of the quick treatments you can add to your home to celebrate the fact that the fat lady of winter has pretty much delivered her last solo for 2019.

In the end it’s really up to you but we do encourage you to do one thing, make one statement, add one piece of furniture or other item that helps to remind you that new beginnings are afoot and that you have plenty to be happy about.

If you want some added advice or just browse some of our cool new items we invite you to visit Basis Furniture – we look forward to celebrating spring with you.