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A coffee table is, in essence, the centre piece of any traditional lounge. The archetypal, or rather definitive, coffee table is a four post, square table, sitting about knee height. However, defining details can set this everyday item apart from the room, no longer just a helpful table but rather a focal point of the elegantly put-together lounge.

Available in all shapes and sizes, a cleverly-considered coffee table is an elegant way to not only entertain guests but also add interesting detail and abstract lines. Whether a frameless glass option, a simple wooden design or even something completely custom, these vital focal points allow you to add your own unique touch to your home, showing off a lounge that is anything but ordinary. Not just the table itself but how you make use of its shape and tone will all impact the effect it has on the space. With a contrast of shapes and colours, this should become your favourite part of your home.

The coffee table can be one of the trickiest pieces of furniture to decorate and incorporate into your home design. Too much on the table and it seems cluttered; too few items and it looks lifeless or barren. Coupling not only a style of table, but colour with your chosen lounge décor, you can tie the room together with an eye catching centre piece. Be conscious of the dominant colours of every item you place on the table and whether it genuinely helps to enhance the room or detracts from it.

Depending on what you prefer in your home space, decorations such as houseplants, succulents or even herbs help to create a fresh, contrasted feeling, bringing some green shades and soft shapes to your relaxation space. A small vase with colour-matched flowers is also a wonderful way to tie the coffee table space together. These can be used to compliment or contrast your décor colours, catching the eye of any who enters the room.

Just as you would with a shelf, a coffee table looks best when decorated with a range of items that create depth. Use different elements, be it books, pot plants or a framed picture, set along varied lines and angles to give the table an interesting look and feel. Candles also perform well, offering a simple and easily implemented mood and lighting change when needed.

Whether a clean, open space or a smaller, more intimate lounge area, having a coffee table that plays well into the feel of the room creates a comfortable, enjoyable space.

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