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When designing your home office in 2018, it should always reflect your individual taste. How can this crucial space make you the most efficient at your business? In most cases, the design of your home office is determined by your profession or the kind of work you do on a day-to-day basis. Whether using available rooms or building a separate area, your office needs to be an environment primed for productivity.

Dedicating a space in your home to an office is something more of us are committing to, especially with such an increase in entrepreneurial endeavours in the past few decades. With technological developments, amongst other things, allowing for far greater flexibility in when and how we can work and run businesses, more self-employed people are working away from big offices and there is a greater need for an effective work space at home – a space of your own.

Previously, home-bound workers sought to use a space within their house, whether a spare bedroom or maybe part of your living room. However, the growing trend is to dedicate a space outside your home to office space. From a pre-built shed to constructed rooms, even garages, having a space all to yourself, away from homely distraction is often the best way to get work done. Even putting up modular home office units or other pre-built structures in the available space is gaining popularity.

Adjusting your positioning

When working from home, it can be easy to get wrapped up in work and spend the whole day sitting in your own space. However, without the added to and from work routine it can often be a result that the whole day is spent in one position. A developing ergonomic trend in 2018 is the height-adjustable desk – a desk that can allow for multiple working positions, sitting and standing throughout the day.  Continuously changing working positions is a fantastic way to ensure you keep the blood flowing to your otherwise latent muscles, without losing any time on your work.

Colour schemes

When it comes to colour, grey seems to currently be the favourite option for home offices. Though this trend began a number of years ago, it still continues to be the preference of a majority of the home office owners. Unlike sterile white or dull beige, the colour grey gives a more sophisticated look to the home office. Although grey can be dark to some, risking too many bright colours might be distracting if too intense. Create a colour scheme that suits your personal style and maybe even your brand, with a balance of colour and décor design that still allows you to focus on your work in a comfortable space, without distraction.

Create your “me” space

Much like colour, adding your own personal touches to your home office lets you feel more at ease when working. From pictures on the walls and books on the shelves to photos on your desktop, your office must be your own. Whether quirky touches or your own works or achievements, letting your space reflect your style and personality makes it a area effective for you. As part of creating this environment, ensure there is enough light to create depth to the room. Being in a gloomy, dark room can often soften the mood and make you feel less creative or motivated.

You should enjoy working in your home office space. No matter what the trend is, your home office design should reflect who you are. As the place to work most effectively, ensure it has everything you need to be at your most productive.