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Get more LIVING out of small space rooms.

South Africans, in general, keep moving to clusters, townhouses and apartments as we seek to maximise our incomes.

Developers are naturally obliging to meet the demand with some more successful than others in balancing living and breathing space.

Breathing space is living in a complex or estate that has not forgotten that trees are also important – or in an apartment building that allows for rooftop terraces and other amenities that contribute to a positive lifestyle.

All of that comes at a price of course and not everyone is that fortunate. However, all of us (living in smaller spaces) do have the ability to create more room inside our homes.

Just because it’s small it doesn’t have to feel as cramped as a Camps Bay Police Station holding cell every morning after every New Year’s Eve bash, right?

Be inventive. Get Creative.

You don’t have to be Elon Musk to get more “oomph” out of your rooms. Smaller homes complicate the task of organising your space, therefore it’s wise to find furniture that serves multiple purposes.

This Huffpost.com article lists 24 inventive ways to make the most out of your living areas, below we will highlight just a few of our favourites.

Dividers create separate zones without taking up space: Get the privacy you need and change the flow of your room by making use of portable dividers. If you’re lucky, they are designed to also function as a piece of art so you win, either way.

Store your stuff, hidden in plain sight: Find tables and other furniture that offer hidden compartments and different layers of storage. There’s plenty of room “inside”, “underneath”, “on top” and “on the sides” if you find the right kind of piece.

In fact, almost anything you buy should have additional storage space.

Get more out of your bookcases: Yes, you can store 1000s of books on your electronic device of choice but that’s just not as cool as having your best books on display. Never mind the aesthetics of it all it also serves to encourage more reading – and we can all do with more of that.

Get some modular cases that use minimal space and clever design. Your grandmother’s heavy wood book case may hail from the finest factories in France but it’s certainly going to strip the light from any small space.

To breathe, you need plants.

Lastly, well for the purposes of this article anyway, plants are our friends – no matter what certain knuckle-dragging members of society may think.

Use them to create a relaxing vibe in a small home, but don’t waste your table space on them. Get vertical storage units where they can live – alongside other objects also.

These are just some of the things you can do get more LIVING out of your small space rooms.

Connect with Basis Furniture for great decoration tips and, of course, a selection of space-saving furniture.

We all deserve a little more room in our lives – we’re here to help you make it happen.