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Create a braai room that marries style and practicality.

Braai rooms have been a feature in South African homes since the 1980s.

This doesn’t mean that some South Africans (and probably other nationalities) have not been cooking their meat indoors since the dawn of time but, simply, that the official existence of “a braai room” or “binnebraai” as a recognised part of a home’s design came to the fore a few decades ago.

Today, “braai rooms” are often considered a core part of home floorplans.

Says this article on Property24; “Indoor living areas spill gracefully into the binnebraai, with stack-away doors dividing spaces. The aesthetics of many of these rooms have gone from strength to strength, with neutral on-trend walls and soft lighting making them inviting spaces that add real value to a property.”

It’s indoor / outdoor entertainment for all seasons with all manner of creature comforts that help make the space central to most occasions, be it #familytime, #partytime or #metime.

There are, of course, some helpful hints relating to space, décor and furniture choices that can add further pizzazz to your braai room – and below we’ll highlight a few points to keep in mind as we head into spring 2019.

Purpose built or retro-fit?

If you have the luxury of planning the space from the ground up that is first prize. That allows you to allocate room for all the essentials and setup the space just how you prefer. It’s not always possible, of course, to build from the ground up or renovate an existing space – in which case you have to box clever with the m² available to you.

Your choice of roofing and flooring are fairly limitless but, generally, wood options are best for general areas while using bricks or tiles to protect areas vulnerable to fire (in all its forms) is recommended. Tiled “living” areas can work but the type of tile needs to be carefully considered – as spills can be very slippery and dangerous to you and your guests.

Your choices are truly significant though, as showcased by this article on Homify.co.za

The devil’s in the detail

From braai utensils, fresh herbs, AV additions and artwork to furniture choices that cater for all occasions, there’s plenty you can do to add “fizz” to your braai room experience. Rustic wooden tables are firm favourites, complemented by cane or funky see-through perspex chairs (as one example).

An array of pillows and cushions add levels of comfort and/or colour while accessories like clocks, potted plants and area-appropriate art can certainly boost the look and feel of your environment.

Here’s one example from Garden and Home but, really, how your braai room takes shape is entirely up to your sense of taste and style.

In the end it’s your entertainment room. Whether for self or everyone else – the team at Basis Furniture can certainly help you make the most of the space available.

Summertime is coming fast South Africa, get in touch to make the most of it.