Home » Colours of 2019: Top Decor Tips for next year

Top décor tips are everywhere when approaching Summer, and a new year. What will be in? What will be out? Colour trends shift from year to year, each with its own place and identity. With 2018 winding down and 2019 just around the corner, it is time to look ahead to new beginnings.

In the coming year, most trend setters and followers have agreed that neutral tones are ideal for interior décor. When talking about neutral colours, most people tend to think of grey, beige and brown, not realising that the two most common neutral colours in nature are in fact green and blue. But this comes down to our understanding of neutral. By pure definition, a neutral colour is one that can easily highlight other colours around it, without competing for attention. As such it is a colour palette that highlights the features of the room perfectly.

Looking ahead to 2019, here are a range of neutral colours that are set to be the next “in thing”.

Aqua Mint

Aqua mint is a pastel colour option that brings some relaxation to a room; known to help anxious people ease their minds. This subtle colour has a positive impact on people’s moods and subconscious minds. A fantastic option for entertainment or social areas – especially popular for the kitchen – this trendy pantone is set to take the world by storm. Whether furniture or paint, décor or design, you will be sure to aqua mint making an appearance in 2019.

Monaco Dark Blue

While you may have trouble believing that a dark blue like Monaco can be a neutral, think for a second about how versatile blue denim jeans are. This is a colour that while deep and rich, does not over power the surrounding tones, thus making it a neutral colour option. Monaco is a colour that can help to increase concentration, encourage deep meditation and even improve sleep, the perfect colour option for a bedroom or home office. When combined with yellows and whites this can be a stunning way of creating contrast and depth within a room.

Ballerina Pink

Pink is back with a vengeance. Creating a calming air within a space, ballerina pink is a subtle shade that can perfectly frame a room. The rosy tone is fantastic for an open space with cleverly selected décor options. Playing perfectly with light, this is a colour often used in a lounge or sunroom area. Lovingly used when selecting accent pillows of furniture pieces, this soft colour allows for a number of style variations.

French Vanilla

French Vanilla is basically cream with a touch of yellow. The subtle addition of yellow into a room has the ability to add depth and light to it. Mimicking the feeling of a sunlit room, this tone helps to grow a space, making the room feel larger and more open than it is. As it is also one of the first colours new born babies can see, it is a perfect shade to use for the nursery.

Earthy Orange

An earthy orange tone is said to be the most welcoming colour of the full spectrum. As a sociable colour choice it is a preferred option in dining areas and lounges, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. As a vibrant colour option this style of orange is perfect when paired with colourful patterns, tan leathers and natural wooden tones. A stunning décor colour choice when in a leafy part of the house or building, it creates wonderful contrast when surrounded by leafy plants and earthen tones.

Whether staying on trend or seeking to update your home look, these are the colour trends to expect in 2019. Sticking with pastels and clean lines, Basis Furniture have a décor and furniture range that can play perfectly into your palette. Whether for the home or the office, we can ensure you stay on trend.