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Modern furniture is much sought after in South Africa. Encompassing the entirety of the cultural mixing pot that is our rainbow nation, modern furniture and the progressive aesthetic that it feeds into takes on the textures and patterns of our environment, blending them with the fine lines and abstract ideas synonymous with the growing digital world. Finding the right modern pieces can be tricky though, but with some subtle insight, we can help guide you to source the perfect items for your discerning style.

”Modern” is an eclectic aesthetic to pin down, but across the range of colours, lines & textures these stunning furniture pieces can reflect the unique identity of your home or business. Selecting the best possible items for your lounge or waiting space can be difficult as you seek to balance comfort over all, versus look and style, against functionality. At Basis Furniture, we’ve tried to offer a comfortable medium, providing stylishly-designed, contemporary furniture pieces that have all the comfort of home. With the modern and classic designs available in this range, you can take your pick of the bunch to ensure you balance the perfect elements for your home.


The pricepoint of your furniture will always come into play. As an investment in your home or business, these will set the tone when entering the space. Whether a simple design for a comfy couch, a dynamic armchair or an L-shaped sectional unit for maximum comfort, ensuring a cost-effective solution i.e. that is worth the purchase for quality and appreciation, is always top priority.


Designing any home area means you need to take all elements of space into account. An elegant room is not sparse, yet not cluttered.The right balance of space and furniture to fit the final form will be driven by necessity. A shaped couch that perfectly fits your wall is always clever, economising the space and offering you options. If you’re low on space, utilise occasional side chairs and/or single-person armchair couches to make the space work. That said though, just because you have space to spare, doesn’t mean you need to use it.


Texture plays a big role in modern furniture. It can shape the atmosphere of your room, especially if looking to take on the unique styles of South African culture. From dark, glossy rubs for the more formal setting, to cleaner greys and hardier, neutral tones, these can blend perfectly with a range of styles. And with varied patterns – frames, lines, flows – you can break up and differentiate spaces within an area. Whether creating depth, flow or a focus of the room, textures are the highlight of any modern furniture option.

For a carefully curated selection of cost-effective, modern furniture in South Africa, contrat Basis Furniture.