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Dining room chairs are an interesting décor consideration. As an item that tends to be formal, traditional and fairly ordinary at the end of the day, you would have thought that you had seen them all. However, in this modern world where traditional has become somewhat adaptable, dining rooms have changed in their level of formality. Creating a relaxed, enjoyable ambiance in your home is ideal for digging into a home-cooked meal with family and friends.

It is time to shy away from the stiff upper lip and the hard, regular dining room designs. Incorporating light colours, dark lines, curves or a variety of shapes, all play into the style and feel of your dining room. As a stylish place where entertaining is the aim, this must be comfortable and open – an enjoyable space to eat and indulge in good conversation. Here are a few ways you can use dining room chairs to change up your dining area.

Bertie Chair

A fairly traditional option with a classic shape and a clean use of lines, the Bertie is a subtly tapered wooden chair that looks like a country kitchen dining chair, but with a bit of heart. A rigid chair which is well complemented with a cushion that can bring a bit of flair to the dining space. As a pure white option that is perfect for a light décor theme, these comfortable seats give you high quality, good-to-look-at pieces that you can enjoy timelessly. Well priced and suited to both formal and casual dining areas, these dining room stalwarts are an ideal all-rounder. Elegant and understated, these can work hard at tying a room’s décor together.

Ripley Chair

A minimalist design that is ideal for an open, modern design, these comfortable yet abstract style chairs introduce light colours and a natural, wooden texture to your dining room. With an interesting shape that allows for geometric patterns to be used in the room, this can tie in wonderfully to subtle framing of wallpaper of décor elements, such as lighting and art. With a simple and a unique style, this is the ideal seat option for the modern, on-trend dining space.

Jasper Chair

An ideal chair option for a stylish covered outdoor dining or lounge area, these comfortable, supportive occasional chairs have a rigid back and wrap-around armrest that is equally suited to the head of the table or relaxing on a summer’s day. Often used in a patio setting, these durable chairs are cushioned for comfort and can withstand a range of weather conditions. Suited to both inside and out, the vertical bars of the backrest create interesting visual lines. With the right table and stylistic environment, this can play into most décor themes.

Ellie Chair

Minimalistically sleek and simple, the Ellie chair – whether in white or black steel – is a steel frame chair that can be decorated to suit or awaken many room combinations, whether outside or in. The clean design provides elegant simplicity that can be merged into a number of styles. Whether contrasted with monotone decor or paired with similar horizontal elements around the dining space, the Ellie subtly adds value to the lounge or dining environment.

Bringing defining style to your dining room with carefully-considered and beautifully-crafted seating helps tie the room together. Playing with colour, tones and lines lets you show off a space that is uniquely you.

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