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Things to consider when selecting furniture for your company boardroom

What impression are you trying to create?

That’s the first question you should ask yourself when it comes to selecting office boardroom furniture and deciding on the overall interior design of the space.

In years gone by some companies liked to create a sense of opulence and excess, while others settled for minimalism or tech-driven environments that incorporated the latest gadgets and innovations . . . some more useful than others, it has to be said.

Ultimately the impression created should be a reflection of your brand, it’s voice and the message you want to convey.

For example, you cannot talk a good game on sustainability and environmental responsibility but then have a boardroom that points to the opposite.

Not all meetings and / or boardrooms have the same intended use, of course, but once you’ve determined the room’s purpose you can proceed to making a decision on each contributing furniture item, such as:

Your boardroom table

The shape is an indicator of culture.  A rectangular table tends to indicate a stronger hierarchy and set executive structure than, say, a round or oval table that lends itself to a more equal footing for those seated around it.

The table should offer enough space for each attendee to comfortably work in, be it taking notes, using a laptop or other devices.

The types of materials used to construct your table are also of key importance. Some are more durable and easier to keep in good condition than others so it’s advisable to seek advice and gain a good understanding of what works best in your (unique) environment.

Your chairs

Comfort and support are non-negotiable.  When people are in this room you expect them to be at their very best, to be attentive and actively contribute to the topic at hand.

You do not want unnecessary distractions and, certainly, uncomfortable seating is one that can, and should, be avoided.

Chairs should be easy to move and offer the right kind of support and adjustable flexibility to suit any person’s preference.

The fabrics and materials used, again, play an integral part in both the comfort experienced and the lifetime value derived from each chair.

Boardroom layout

The right kind of furniture is only half the battle won. You could have the finest selection and the best intentions but, if the flow of your room is stuck between “Clutters Ville” and “No-man’s-land” you will lose the value of your investment.

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