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The greatest recommendation in choosing furniture is of course its durability. While it may seem attractive and easier to purchase cheaper, you need years not months out of this purchase. Consider what the unit might need to withstand e.g. rowdy digsmates, messy children, unruly pets. Can it handle all that will be thrown at it? 

While setting out to achieve a certain aesthetic, a furniture buyer must remember to stay true to his/her personal taste. While it is good to take inspiration from online influence, ultimately stay true to what you like, as your furniture choices say a lot about you and will reflect you to all that come into your space.

Timeless Style 
In choosing furniture, be wary of buying what is currently on trend. What may seem trendy today may be forgotten tomorrow. A trend of neon, pop-colour sofas today may look like a disco train-wreck tomorrow. A fragile, delicate setup today may prove inappropriate when children enter the home. It is wise to invest in furniture that transcends time and seasons but with little effort can be jazzed up down the line, if need be. 

Measure your room space
One mistake that many buyers make is falling in love and purchasing the furniture without actually knowing if it will fit comfortably in their room space. Measure the available space that you will designate the furniture to and take a measuring tape with you to the store.. 

In furniture choice, fabric is everything. In a busy room ensure that the fabric does not catch or show dirt easily. If there are children or pets in the home, avoid light coloured fabrics or fragile pieces that will easily bear the brunt of their mayhem. In these circumstances, leather or dark, quality fabrics are recommended. 

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